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Online Tithing, HOA Mischief, and Journalism :: Episode 170

The boys have apprehensions about a trip to Europe, and John tells a story about the dangers of Greek translation in sermons. Then, Jonnie asks John for a ruling on whether he was out of line after trolling one of his neighbors on Facebook.

Also, a conversation about partisanship in the Media, and how we are all being pitted against one another.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by The Crisper Drawer : “The absolute best place to let your vegetables slowly rot.”  

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Expensive shades 🕶, Dollar Tree Steaks 🥩, and Conviction :: Episode 169

Jonnie has a conflicted relationship with Nature 🦅, and wants a harpoon gun. Meanwhile, John trades in his cheap sunglasses for the real thing, and suggests a (questionable) cooking challenge for a future show 👨‍🍳.

Also, a conversation about conviction, and the pursuit of knowledge 📚.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Target 🎯®️: “You just spent $200, even though you only came in for toothpaste.”

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Shock Collars, Exploding Spiders 🕷, & Shame 🙈:: Episode 168

Jonnie prepares for a trip to Cancun 🏖 , and throws the book 📕 at an unwelcome visitor. Meanwhile, John has tenuous confidence in his vitamin supplements, and tries a drastic solution for his snoring.

Plus, a conversation about dad bods, Timehop photos, empathy and insecurity.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Pinky Toes®️🦶: “You won’t even know we’re there until you hit us on the coffee table.”

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Back Injuries 🤕, Body Image🪞, and Road Rage 😡 :: Episode 167

The boys share Vegas stories 🎰, and John hurts himself in the dumbest way possible. Jonnie explains why the Gospel is like Shake & Bake, and John has a tragic first date.

Also, a conversation on body positivity and self-worth.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Planet Fitness®️🏋️‍♀️: “You’re doing great. Have a Tootsie Roll.”

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Ruined Vacations 🩸, Mummified Presidents 🎩, and Symbolism 🇺🇸:: Episode 166

Jonnie “cleans up” a chemical spill, and destroys a National Park on vacation 🤿. Meanwhile, John sees something strange in a local yard, and then tells the craziest story you didn’t know about President Lincoln.

Also, a conversation about nationalism, statues, and exhumation!!

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Fireworks 💥: “Celebrate freedom AND terrify your pets!”

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Small Towns, Whitewashed History 📜, and Judgment Houses 🏘 😈 🔥:: Episode 165

Jonnie likes cities that have a sense of humor about themselves, and the boys discuss some things they didn’t learn in history class. Then Jonnie watches too many 90’s films and gets them confused with each other, while John needs to record an audiobook, and literally fakes it until he makes it.

Plus, a conversation about ambition, and the search for peace while also pursuing a dream.

Todays episode is NOT sponsored by Dental Floss 🦷®️: “There will be blood.”

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Pet Names 🐶 , McDonald’s 🐔, and People Pleasing :: Episode 164

The boys talk about the power of nostalgia, and what weird names they call their dogs. Then, Jonnie talks onstage about being an awkward kid, and John tells a story, and it’s snot funny 😆.

Also, a conversation about the principle of the “bleeding neck”.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Coffee ☕️®️: “The only pot officially sanctioned by churches.”

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Bird Attacks 🦅, Cryptomnesia 💡, and Risk :: Episode 163

John enrages a momma bird and shares some teenage regrets 🕺. Meanwhile, Jonnie inadvertently steals a joke, and can’t figure out why his car stinks 😷.

Plus, a conversation on risk aversion.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Toe Shoes™️: “They hurt your feet, but at least they also look ridiculous.”

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Mouth Taping 👄, Live Streaming, and Grief 🪦 :: Episode 162

Jonnie discovers a horrifying new tool against snoring 😴, while John invents a way to avoid missing movie moments 🎥.

Plus, a conversation on how different cultures deal with death, and why avoiding pain may not always be a good idea.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Gym Memberships🏋️‍♀️ ™️: “You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave 😈”

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Bad Slushpuppies 🐜, Inventories, & Fearmongering :: Episode 161

Jonnie has a viral video, and makes the mistake of reading the comments. Then, John talks about the research for his forthcoming book on racism, and the boys delve into America’s troubled past.

Also, a conversation about fear as a “button” for motivating people, and why it always works.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Hands 🙌™️: “You should wash us even when there’s not a pandemic.”