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Buggies 🐴, Hook-Ups, and Gas Fires :: Episode 204

Today on Talk About That, Jonnie tries to make Amish people laugh and deals with the youngest heckler ever. Meanwhile, John deals with mistaken identity, and has a sermon illustration fall flat ⛽️. 

Plus, a conversation on Christian camps, the Sabbath, and why we aren’t built for perpetual excitement. 

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Clif Bars ™️: “The perfect meal supplement for weight loss, because it’s basically inedible.”

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Oscar Slaps 🏆 👋, Helium Disasters 🎈 💥, & Parables 📜 :: Episode 203

Today on Talk About That, John wonders how successful he’d be if he had all his hair and Jonnie finds out about another troubling gas shortage.

Then the boys discuss the Slap Heard ‘Round the World, and the inevitable cultural overreaction. Plus a conversation on Biblical Parables.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Gym Memberships🏋️‍♀️ ™️: “You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave 😈

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Social Media Snafus 😬, End Times 🐉, and Cancel Culture 🤬 :: Episode 202

Today on Talk About That, John ponders a new career in hip-hop, and gets stuck on a boat when his Instagram post goes rogue. Meanwhile Jonnie explains why he’s a control freak about booking travel, but a negligent stepdad when it comes to meal planning 🍔

Plus, a conversation on Revelation, and our need for certainty and aversion to mystery.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by USB Ports®️: “You will never connect a cable to us correctly on the first try.”


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My Pillows, Sea Lions 🦭, & Post-Modernism :: Episode 201

Today on Talk About That, John has a run-in with a sea lion, and searches for a less political pillow company. Meanwhile, Jonnie is a proud member of the Clean Plate Club 🥇, and is relieved when John cuts his sermon short 😅.

Also, a conversation on “Post-Christianity” and whether self-actualization is really its own religion in many ways.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Meetings : “Do you have too much time in your day? Wanna hang out with co-workers around a table for hours, while accomplishing very little? Try Meetings!”

NOTE: Due to a video error, the normal footage of this episode did not capture. We will return to normal YouTube video footage on the next episode. Thanks for your understanding.

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200th Episode (!!!) with Special Guests Dave Barnes & Jon McLaughlin :: Episode 200

Today on Talk About That, we celebrate our 200th show by welcoming in special guests Dave Barnes & Jon McLaughlin from the Dadville Podcast!

Together we spent an hour talking about old songs, creativity, legacy, and weedeating as an art form.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Cats 🐈: “If you own one, you also own a box of poop 💩.”

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Makeup💄, Evel Knievel 🏍 , & Media Bias :: Episode 199

Today on Talk About That, Jonnie gets sick on the road, and gets TikTok famous anonymously. Meanwhile, John has a shiny head, and stalks the Facebook profile of a negative commenter. 

Plus, a conversation on bias and reliability in the media. 

Today’s episode in NOT sponsored by Acoustic Guitars®️: “Ruining campfires since 1850 🔥

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Pro Wrestling 🤼‍♀️, Witchy Women 🧹& Forecasting 🔮:: Episode 198

Today on Talk About That, we launch our inaugural VIDEO episode, which makes us even more self conscious.

John gets ready to go on a cruise, and talks about the most embarrassing thing happening in Mt. Juliet, TN🤦‍♂️. Meanwhile, Jonnie rants about crypto and NFTs like an old man shouting at the clouds, and tries to ease his own mind about the coming robot takeover 🤖. 

Also, a conversation about Forecasting, and how our expectations and systems can make us feel safe or threatened. 

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Seat Warmers 🍑™️: “We’re only called that because Rear Defroster was already taken.”

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Subtitles, Huckle Bearers 🤠, and Deadlines ✍️:: Episode 197

Today on Talk About That, Jonnie needs closed captions at the movies, and gets a zero for the day. 

Meanwhile, John lets his daughter watch Tommy Boy, and makes a bad butterfly metaphor 🦋. 

Plus, a conversation about writing first drafts, and being kind to yourself while creating something.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by John Lennon’s Frozen Mixed Vegetables ™️: “Give Peas a Chance”.

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90’s CCM 🎸💿, “Secular Music" 😈, and Turning Tables 👊 :: Episode 196

Today on Talk About That, Jonnie invents some weird new products for his merch table, and laments the slow death of DVD and CD sales (just in time for the strange resurrection of cassettes). Meanwhile John goes down a rabbit hole of 90’s Christian Rock, and the boys remember awful camp games from their days as youth leaders.

Plus, a conversation about confrontational Christianity, and whether we are really called to be constantly “turning over tables” of other people.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Low-Carb Chocolate ®️🍫: This Valentine’s Day, give the gift that says, “I know you love chocolate, but I never cared for you.”

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Ditch Witches 🧹, Ninja Stars 🥷, and 20/20 Hindsight 👓:: Episode 195 

Today on Talk About That, John finds buried treasure and gets Covid 🦠. Meanwhile, Jonnie has some regrettable hot takes from old episodes, and desperately wants to be a ninja. 

Also, a conversation about unlearning wrong ideas and the pitfalls of ideological certainty. 

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Bananas 🍌™️: “Perfectly ripe for exactly 15 minutes.”