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Flossing, Professional Irritation, and Identity :: Episode 158

Jonnie avoids the dentist 🦷 and doesn’t want to add years to his life. And John should’ve left his dirty pool liner alone. 🏊‍♂️

Plus, a conversation about the balance between fulfillment in our work vs. letting it define us completely.

Todays episode is NOT sponsored by Shouting®️: “Located at the corner of Screaming and Yelling.”

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Overthinking, Click Tracks, and Paraphrases :: Episode 157

John destroys a bathroom, and brags about his CDL, while Jonnie defends his scooter and makes terrible sermon illustrations.

Also, the boys debate which Bible translation is the best.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Breakfast 🍳™️: “One of the five most important meals of the day.”

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Shingles, Snowstorms ❄️ & Social Media Shutdown 🧨 :: Episode 156

The boys are back from hiatus, and John has a horrifying virus 🦠 (not THAT one). Then, Jonnie wonders if his workout streak has become a problem.

Plus, a conversation about what the world would look like without Facebook and Twitter.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Sarcastic Chiropractors ™️: “Well, look whose back…”

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Flammable Friends, Anti-Heroes, and Redemption :: Episode 155

John’s blind dog makes a run for it, and Jonnie reminisces on childhood fire safety tips.

Then, the boys discuss why “brokenness” makes for more interesting characters in TV and movies (and real life), and why Christians sometimes feel the need to hide their flaws.

Plus, a conversation on cancel culture, forgiveness and growth.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Spoiled Milk : “It’s spreadable, and it’s edible!”

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Breakfa$t Burrito$, Drastic Measures ✂️, and Purity Culture 🙈 :: Episode 154

The boys discuss the Vols’ chances in March Madness, and whether John could hit clutch free throws. Then, Jonnie shares details about his health journey, weight loss, and support system.

Also, a conversation about misogyny in evangelical churches, and why it’s so damaging.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Dave’s Magic & Valet Parking™️: “Is THIS your car??”

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Daylight Savings ☀️, Teenage Brains 🧠, and Authenticity ❤️ :: Episode 153

John and Jonnie know nothing about farming or hunting, and it shows. Then, the boys reminisce on incredibly dumb things they did behind the wheel 🚙  as teenagers, and Jonnie gets skeptical about the “Treasure of Oak Island” 💰.

Plus, a conversation on what we surmise to be the appeal of our own show (for better or worse).

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Marital Arguments™️ : “I didn’t say I was angry. I said I was upset.” 🤯

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Flaming Vehicles 🚗 🔥, Public Singing 🎶, and Self-Worth :: Episode 152

Jonnie has car problems and he somehow makes it worse, while John tries to be a Good Samaritan until he hears gunshots. Then the boys discuss their checkered driving past, and Jonnie encounters a loud child on a plane.

Plus, a conversation on the art of listening 👂 without always offering solutions or advice.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Gravel™️ 🪨: “Like pavement, but looser.”

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Dog Warranties 🐶, False Alarms 🚨, & Submission Trains 🚂 :: Episode 151

John and Jonnie have their monthly COVID scare, and prepare to blame each other. Jonnie pays way too much for a pet’s surgeries, and the boys inadvertently create a Russian figure skater. Plus, a conversation on gender roles and chivalry.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Hyphens®️: “The fine line between a co-op and a coop.”

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Bison Burgers🦬, Frozen Fog 🌫, and Insecurity :: Episode 150

John writes way too many words, while Jonnie worries he isn’t animated enough onstage.

Then, the boys survive the Snowpocalypse, but have a harrowing tale to tell. Also, a conversation about confidence, insecurity, and vulnerability.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Your Check Engine Light™️💡: “It’s probably nothing, but whatever it is sure sounds expensive.”

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Robot Censorship 🤖, Qanon, and Pillow Lawsuits 🛌 :: Episode 149

Jonnie defends himself from the fallout of last weeks hotdog 🌭 episode and builds a snow fort ❄️. Then the boys discuss Artificial Intelligence, and its effects on comedy and censorship.

Plus, a conversation about opposition-based thinking, and the importance of holding our own tribes accountable.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by iPhone Screen Time Notifications ®️: “Of course you’re addicted to your phone 📱. Let us show you exactly how much.”