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Colas 🥤, Camelot 🏰, and Curses 💀 :: Episode 134

Jonnie wants the church to adopt Festivus rules. Then the boys discuss their favorite sodas, and whether CBD oil works.

Also, special guest Alyson Holland joins the conversation to talk about the Kennedy Curse and the cult of personality around ultra famous families. Check out her smash hit podcast, “Kennedy Dynasty”, on all platforms.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by I’ll Pray About It ™️: “The way Christians everywhere say ’No’”.

Toilet Pageants, Comeback Kids, & Menu Standoffs :: Episode 133

Jonnie has some odd requirements for his hotel room, and almost ruins a middle school volleyball game.

John hates small talk, and eats ice cream in bed like a monster. Also, a conversation about crowns in heaven.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Otter Pops™️: “When you want a popsicle, but also want to cut your mouth with sharp plastic.”

Bluetooth, Time Warps ⏰, and After School Specials 💊 :: Episode 132

Jonnie explains his intense phobia of hoodies, and John offers a solution. John’s wife sets her clocks back in different rooms, and Jonnie ruins someone’s business call.

Also, a conversation about growing up in the “Just Say No” generation.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Knees™️ : “If you’re over 40, we hurt now. Congratulations.”

Aircraft Carriers, Igloo Churches, and Platforms :: Episode 131

John becomes an inside restaurant guy and ponders his “platform”, while Jonnie visits Nebraska and hatches an invention that will (probably not) change mask-wearing forever.

Also, a conversation about the line between stewardship of our gifts and the pride of being “self-made.”

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Voting™️🇺🇸: “The candidates are all terrible, but at least you got a sticker, right?”

Laughing Gas 🤣, Snaggle Teeth 🦷, and Co-Dependency :: Episode 130

Jonnie goes to the dentist and gets way too much nitrous oxide, while John counsels his daughter without a license.

Also, a conversation about an “Us vs. Them” mentality in church and culture at large.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Red Rover™️: “Injuring Children since 1878″