Sports Superstitions 🏈, “Important” Art, & Jenga :: Episode 180

Today on Talk About That, Jonnie goes to the Grand Ole Opry 🎸and hears a perfect joke, while John quotes himself in a sermon, and holds a wet orange 🍊 for good luck. 

Plus, a conversation about humility, empathy, and Jenga. 

Todays episode is NOT sponsored by the Semicolon: “You’re probably ; using it wrong.”

Kool-Aid, Willy Wonka, and Culottes :: Episode 179

Today on Talk About That, John exercises his 3rd Amendment rights and ponders mixed drinks from the Bible. Meanwhile, Jonnie makes for a terrible (and chubby) chocolate salesman, and goes to a pep rally at his job.

Also, a conversation about fashion anxiety among middle aged men. 

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Squirrels: “Every bit as rabid as rats, but for some reason you love us.”

SPECIAL EPISODE: Corrections and Rebuttals :: Episode 178

This week, the podcast welcomes Laura Driver who revisits clips from a past episode’s volleyed foibles between John and Jonnie. In rebutting their merits and mistakes, Laura and John also work out a few of their twenty-one year-old marriage issues on the air. 

DISCLAIMER: No marriages were injured in the making of this episode. 

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Motion Censor Bathroom Faucets:®️: “We know your hands are invisible… we just wanted you to know it too.” 👋🚽💦 

Sour grapes 🍇, Growth Spurts & Freeeeeedommmm 🇺🇸 :: Episode 177

Today on Talk About That, John tries to explain why his Christmas tree is already up, and Jonnie gets taller, but still can’t dunk a basketball 🏀. Then we discuss our eavesdropping devices, and online shopping compulsion 💴. 

Plus, a conversation about American exceptionalism, and why our built in biases give us a sense of comfort. 

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Honey 🍯 ®️: “Delicious and nutritious. Also, bee vomit 🐝 🤮

Underoos 🦸‍♂️, Cliff Diving 🏊‍♀️, and Hot Chocolate  🍫 :: Episode 176

Today on Talk About That, John gets a medal 🏅 in the mail, and immediately turns it into a sermon illustration. Meanwhile, Jonnie loses his precious fitness watch in a 95-foot hole 🕳, gets a massage, and has an unfortunate mishap in the jacuzzi. 

Plus, a conversation about fear of over-sharing and social media etiquette while on vacation. 

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Dasani 💧™️: “Somehow even worse tasting than tap water.”

Syrup 🥞, Guy Movies 🍿, and the Tree of Knowledge 🧠 :: Episode 175

Today on Talk About That, John argues with his wife about breakfast, and mails someone a book, only to have it returned a year later. Meanwhile, Jonnie ponders why certain movies just appeal more to men, and then later sobs like a baby at an internet video 😭.

Also, a conversation about narcissistic leadership and self-awareness.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by QR Codes ™️: “The greatest comeback story of the pandemic.”

Infected Butlers, New Pilots ✈️, and Perspective :: Episode 174

Today on Talk About That, John has a real life “This Is Us” moment while looking at old videos of himself leaving for college 😭. Meanwhile, Jonnie is terrified of living a real life “Hotel California” while on vacation, and can’t believe his niece is in a chair in the sky.

Also, a conversation about nostalgia, and why we can’t have true perspective until some time has passed.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by People Who Recline Their Seat on the Plane ®️: “We are the absolute worst, and it shows.”

Duct Tape Mutiny ✈️, Mascot Genders 🦅, & Isolation 🏝 :: Episode 173

John takes us inside the competitive world of Teen Bible Quiz 📖, and shares one of the worst parts about his time as a youth pastor.
Meanwhile, Jonnie threatens to record the podcast shirtless, and ponders the strange phenomenon of mascot genders for school sports teams. 
Also, a conversation about hope.
Today’s episode in NOT sponsored by Black Licorice®️: “For people who love candy, but hate themselves.”

Obstacles, Movie Trailers, and Cognitive Dissonance :: Episode 172

Today on Talk About That, Jonnie climbs the corporate ladder to an easier but still minimum wage job, while John reads his own writing into an expensive microphone, and forgets how to pronounce things.

Also, a conversation on the subtle difference between coaching and manipulation.

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by Lunch: “One of the 7 most important meals of the day.”

Probation, Damsels In Distress, and Huddle House :: Episode 171

On today’s show, John almost loses his scholarship, gets fired at a greasy spoon, and somehow gets mono TWICE. Jonnie loses his driving privileges, and comes dangerously close to fighting a drunk guy while wearing a muscle shirt. 

Plus, a conversation on living in the moment. 

Today’s episode is NOT sponsored by IKEA: “Our instructions are shelf explanatory.”